About us

Here at Angleseyisle we are always striving to increase our content for you. Our main aim is to create a website on everything Anglesey. This will help you plan your visit to this fantastic island off the coast of Wales.

We aim to provide informative and balanced guides to what to to do in Anglesey. This fabulous island has so much to offer from it’s 124 miles of coastal path to it’s ancient history. There are so many hidden gems to explore and these are what we want to help you find when you visit Anglesey.

The weather really doesn’t matter as Anglesey has so many attractions both indoors and outside. Neolithic burials mounds are dotted around the island as well as more modern activities. It’s coastline and wildlife are as diverse as anywhere around the UK and beyond. Storm beaches to towering cliffs, Peregrine Falcons to skittering Lizards can all be found here.

Visiting Anglesey really does have something for everyone and if you are into fine dining it has that too. From the freshest sea food around to Michelin starred restaurants.

We are continually updating and adding content to give you the best experience we can. Hopefully you can use our experience to plan your perfect trip whether it’s for a day or weeks. There are lots of places to stay around the Anglesey from campsites to upmarket hotels.

Check out the rest of our site, I hope you find everything you need to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

Yours Sincerely, Simon.

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If you like sea fishing check out my other website at www.turnerstackle.co.uk there is more detailed information on fishing in Anglesey.

I visited Anglesey as part of a fishing trip years ago. I have since gone on to explore nearly every nook and cranny of the fantastic Island. Whatever the weather it makes you feel alive moreover you are never far from the sea wherever you go. Not just that though, as you learn more about its history it becomes more fascinating. Plus Seals, Dolphins and Puffins? What’s not to love.

When I say “us” at Angleseyisle I mean me and my family. They love Anglesey as much as I do.

I have placed adverts on the site as well as Amazon affiliate links to products. The links hopefully will help generate a bit of income to help run the site at no extra cost to yourselves.

Anglesey was once known as the bread basket of Wales due to its fertile and productive land.