Haunted Anglesey

Anglesey is an island steeped in history and ancient folklore going back over five millennia. That’s a long time to grow its spooky population! Likewise there are tales a plenty of Ghosts from all over Haunted Anglesey. Ladies in white to the ghost of Wylfa power station, ghost hot spots litter the landscape. With a unique history like Anglesey its should be no surprise there are spectral goings on.

Archaeological history has been dated all the way back to the Neolithic period. Moreover there are plenty of places you can visit to see some of it for yourself. Ynys Mon once held a significant population of druids that were subsequently massacred by the Romans in around AD57. The island of Anglesey around this time was known as Mona. The Romans believed human sacrifice and other unsavory acts occurred across the island.

Anglesey has always had a great connection with sea travel as you would expect from a large island. There have been literally hundreds of ship wrecks around its coast over the years. The strong prevailing westerly wind has a habit of driving ships up on to the rocks around the islands 137 miles of coastline.

A famous example is the Royal Charter with crashed upon the rocks near Moelfre in 1859. Laden with Australian gold the ship was wrecked with around 450 lives lost during a force 12 storm. The storm itself was then named after the ship, it led in part to the the first gale warning system being created by Captain Robert Fitzroy.

Neolithic burial mounds, Roman ruins, ship wrecks to castles and stately homes, all are said to house various apparitions. Ghost can apparently be found all over the island. As well ghost hunting groups organise trips to places such as Plas Newydd and Beaumaris Goal. The latter held prisoners prior to their execution at Gallows Point. The last time a prisoner was hanged at the goal was in 1862.

What about the ghost of Wylfa head? Reputed to be Rosina Hickman, a famous opera singer. Consequently a theory is that Rosina wanders the area around the power station and the cliff tops, missing from the place she remembers. 

Check the ancient ruins spread out across the island. Thousands of years of history in localised locations. Relics of burial grounds and ancient dwelling. For instance Bryn Celli Ddu, one of these ancient mounds translates to “Mound in the dark grove”. How cool is that? Up in the north of Anglesey are the remains of an ancient bronze age village, Din Lligwy. Furthermore this is one of the earliest known dwellings that are still visible on Anglesey. Moreover just before sound stack are the remains of iron age round houses. All potential hotspots for paranormal activity.

Hunting for Ghosts on Haunted Anglesey can be great fun, night or day there is always plenty to see and do. Whether or not you find a ghost you will have great fun exploring this fabulous island.

What are you waiting for? Get ghost hunting on Anglesey today!

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