Trefignath Burial Chamber

Trefignath Burial Chamber is actually 3 different burial chambers.

To give an idea of just how important this Neolithic site must have been, it contains 3 burial chambers. Moreover the site according to archaeological discoveries was in use for nearly 1500 years! That is a lot of history for one location. These chambers were not built at the same time but added in sequence.

When the site was excavated between 1977-79, charcoal on the site was dated to around 3100BC. That is some age and helps explain how the site was used over such a long time. Flint and chert tools were found as well as hearths. Interestingly one piece was not produced in the local area but came from further reaches of the British isles.

Trefignath Burial Chambers were lost from recorded history up until 1655. From this time it was noted that the chambers were damaged when the stone was used for other purposes, particularly in 1790 when the capstones were removed. This was common across the UK as it was easy access building material for local dwellings. When the capstones were removed it was stated the chambers contained both bones and Urns. Though now lost these would have been a great source of information.

All around the local area are signs of Neolithic history. Several standing stones are located close to the chambers with one clearly visible from the site (Ty Mawr). A relatively short distance away are the Stone Hut circles near South Stack.

The site is now managed by CADW and access is free year round via a simple turnstyle. The site is really easy to find and is located just off the end off the A55, use post code LL65 2TR.

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