Best books about Anglesey

Let’s look at some of the best books about Anglesey. Given the islands relatively small size lots of books have been written about this little Emrald. There is literally so much to see and do on Anglesey they just want to tell you all about it! If you are thinking of visiting some of these books will help you plan a memorable trip. Before we look at the best books on Anglesey, I’ll give you an idea why it’s so well written about.

The island of Anglesey is steeped in history and has strong ties to the sea. During one of its most famous periods it was home to the ancient druids. Relics of this long forgotten past are visible all areas of this stunning island. Some of these ruins are in good condition considering their age and all can be seen by visitors.

Following the druids and the subsequent Roman invasion Anglesey become an important maritime island. Tales of shipwrecks litter it’s windy and rocky coastline. Many of these have become important tourist attractions with divers coming from around the UK.

Another important aspect of Angleseys past is it’s mining heritage. Parys Mountain is a huge open cast copper mine, it’s varied pastel colours need to be seen to be believed. Moreover it even has its own vistor centre.

Ruins of old an Porcelain works, the old brickworks looks like a film set from an alien world. There are also many other reminders around the island of Angleseys more recent industrial past.

Anglesey is also great to get out and about with miles of walkways and it’s impressive 137 mile coastal past. The long country road ways are frequented by cyclists as a way to explore the island. Moreover as you explore this stunning island you will get to meet its native animals.

The rare Red Squirrels inhabits several areas as well these fascinating critters there are also Otters around. Many more creatures call Anglesey home, the seas around the island a also bursting with marine life. Regular visits from Dolphins, resident Seals and occasionally Whales can be see from the coastal path. It is a Mecca for anglers who try their hand at catching Rays and Sharks.

The books in the list are in no particular order, they are here to cater to various interests. We’ll include a bit of fiction to that you can read while you visit. Without further ado here’s our list of the best books on Anglesey

The Anglesey Murders

There are 5 books in this thrilling series by Conrad Jones.

Anglesey Ghosts

The are several books in this series by Bunty Austin. Delve into the paranormal history of Anglesey.

Anglesey Coastal Path

With 124 miles of coastal path to trek this book will help you find your way. This the perfect guide to it’s estuaries, beaches, forest and cliffs.

The Rocks of Anglesey’s Coast

A easy to read comprehensive guide to Angleseys geology. Written by Jack E. Treagus and Susan H. Treagus.

The Guide to Anglesey

A great book covering all aspects of Anglesey from the past to the present day

If you think there are awesome books about Anglesey we have missed let us know and we will add them.

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