Anglesey Coastal Path

The Anglesey Coastal Path is the Island of Angleseys crowning glory so to speak. At 130 miles long its a fair old walk too and a cracker at that. The coastal path encompasses the entire island allowing you to see and discover places other visitors just wont see.

A few facts about the Anglesey Coastal Path

Its length is around 130 miles with a height gain of roughly 4,174m metres or 13,695ft. It takes around 12 days to walk its length.
The official start point is St Cybi’s Church in Holyhead, there are 20 villages and towns on the path itself.

When walking the Anglesey coastal path you experience the full geology of the island but mostly its stunning views. From its blue flag beaches, salt marches, high cliff tops, sand dunes, forest and cracking bays, each section has its own hidden gems. A favorite among walkers are the remains of the old Brickworks at Porth Wen and the Anglesey Stepping Stones.

Another aspect to the Anglesey Coastal Path is its wildlife both land and sea based. Anglesey is home to some fantastic animals both big and small, its possible to see Red Squirrels along the coast. The great thing about Angleseys diversity is it constantly changes. As the seasons change there is always something new to see. An example of this are the Small Eared Owls that hunt in the salt marches during winter. The sea around the island are alo full of life including Seals, Dolphins and Harbour Porpoise. All of which you may see when walking the coastal Path. Orcas (Killer Wales) were around the area of North Stack in 2018.

A great and detailed resource for information on the Anglesey Coastal Path is available on the following link. It has section specific details as well as maps to download.

Have fun and get out exploring.

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