Pili Palas Nature World

Pili Palas Nature World is another of Angleseys little gems located close to Menai Bridge.

As an attraction that is geared towards younger children and it has a lot to keep them entertained. That said all kids loves looking at animals and insects no matter what age they are.

Pili Palas has an absolutely fantastic butterfly walk through with various species free flying around you. Not only that there are also small birds such as finches darting around too. Children are captivated by this living walkthrough, moreover there are feeding stations where they can get up close to the butterflies.

As you move around the mini zoo you will come across its amphibian house. Various species of from around the world can be seen here, some of which are quite colourful. Another source of fun as you look around the exhibits trying to find them in the nooks and crannies. Kids love the huge tarantula and our personal favourites, the Leaf Cutter Ants which are great to watch.

The reptile house has some very interesting specimens! Huge snakes and a rather large and lazy Lizard can be found here. Pili Palas Nature World also has its own little bugs and insect area. This is where is gets interactive as you get to hold some of the critters! Giant snails slime their way across your hands or have a hold of the giant millipede.

If creepy crawlies are not for you check out the Rabbits and Guinea pigs. Their pen looks like a little farm and is both and internal and external. Speaking of external, outside there are a few farm yard species such as Pigs, Goats and Donkeys.

A nature walk passes most of the animal as you make your way the the bird hide. There were plenty about during our visits and the free use of binoculars is a great touch.

The outdoor play area is spot on for the younger kids as is the inflatable area. Great for using up excess energy. The onsite cafe is decent too for filling empty tummies after all the running around.

There really is lots to see and do at Pili Palas Nature World, particularly for younger children. However the is enough for older kids too. Don’t forget there is more than we have added in this little post such as the Aviary, Lamas and of course the cute little Merecats.

Wherever you are staying in Anglesey we think Pili Palas is the number one destination if you have young children. Definitely a place for making memories and a great family day out.

You can find Pili Palas at LL59 5RP, for more information visit

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