The Creek, Amlwch

The Creek in Amlwch, an Anglesey hidden gem, its only small but the place memorises. You really feel like you have found somewhere fantastic an exotic. During the summer months the pristine blue waters look and feel as though you could be in the Caribbean. It really does.

a  picture of the swimming area known as the creek in Amlwch
The Creek after a stormy day

At low tide the great little beach in the bay slowly uncovers with the ebbing tide. A great place to setup camp for the kids to play and paddle, on a calm day it is a fantastic place for swimming. There is a railed path around the rocky outcrop that sticks out into the sea, this is a good spot for a bit of crabbing down the sides.

a picture of the creek from the end of the rocky outcrop, looking back towards the steps down.
Looking back towards the steps

The creek has a history of being a swimming place favoured by the local people. Lots use the areas various paths (Anglesey coastal path) around to Creek to walk the dogs. In years gone by there were little bathing huts for people to use, these fell into disrepair. Susequently around 30 years ago they were washed into the sea and are now long since gone. Luckily the handrail steps down are still in good condition, allowing is continued use to everyone.

There are a few nooks and crannies around to explore, a small cave sits to the rear of the beach, just be careful if you take a look. The Creek in Amlwch also has some great views around the little bay, a path meanders its way around the top for you to explore. Great views too.

The Creek is only a short 10 minute walk from where you park. The path down from the parking area has decent tarmac so an easy enough and also a rather pleasant walk. Either side of the path are fields full of wild flowers of various colours, in summer anyway.

Park in the green area
Follow the path on the left

Definitely one of Angleseys numerous hidden gems. You should check it out if you are in the area, there is plenty more to do around Amlwch too.

You can find The Creek close to, Amlwch LL68 9DU.

The closest toilets are in Amlwch, Lon Goch, LL68 9EQ. These are across from the Coop and are open year round.

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  • Eryl Wyn Rowlands

    The correct nnames are either Traeth Dynion or Glan Môr Llan. The use of the word “Creek” is yet another example of the destroying age old traditional Welsh names inventing English names for them.


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