Anglesey Circuit

Anglesey Circuit or Trac Mon, its Welsh name is a racing track located in Ty Croes, Anglesey. As far as racing tracks go this undoubtedly must have the best views, not just on track but the surrounding area. Surrounded on two sides by the Irish sea with views of the Snowdonian mountain range in the distance. It’s great just to take the local scenery in, the racing is a bonus.

Anglesey circuit caters for alsorts of competition’s. Pro, senior and amateurs. What’s more it even has open track days for both cars and motorcycles. Furthermore this means if you fancy trying out your own car around a race track there’s nothing stopping you.

Another great thing about Trac Mon is that it’s not all about the money. You can arrive solo or with family in tow and enjoy it all. Events are all pay on arrival as the track is rented out by whatever club or league has booked it. Track days however are free entry at all times which is awesome.

These are open days where access to the track is available to all levels of experience. Private individuals who want to test out their cars or motorbikes on an actual racetrack can do so. Does this mean the action is any less exciting? Heck no! Track days at Anglesey circuit are open to all budgets and tinkering skills. All let loose in groups according to skill level and its great to watch. Cars range for souped up Clio hatch backs to exotic high end supercars like Ferraris and Porsches.

Talking of watching, almost the entire track has viewing areas. From the hairpin bends to the decent length straights you can take it all in. It’s a great opportunity too for budding photographers to hone there fast moving skills. As well the local scenery will also catch your attention with some great shots available.

As you enter the track your first right turn will take you to the parking area. If you carry on to the staging or pit area you will get to see the cars inbetween laps. Plenty of space is left to the casual visitor on most track days allowing closer access to the cars and bikes. If you need to use the restroom there are a few about which is always handy. Moreover a decent cafe sits at the back of the staging area and its reasonably priced too.

Anglesey Circuit or Trac Mon can be found in Ty Croes which is near Rhosneigr. There are some great beaches in the area too, the closest is Cable Bay.

Get out and about, if you are staying in Anglesey it’s a worthwhile trip. Check it out.

Oh and just before you enter the track ground there is a little grass carpark on the right. Follow the path the the rear of the houses to some of the best fishing spots on Anglesey. Further more it also has some great walking paths too.

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