Seacoast Safari Cruises and Rib Rides

Seacoast Safari Cruises and Rib Rides are a great way to get on the water. Fast rib rides or take your time having a steady cruise, it’s your call. One thing you won’t be able to stop is the massive grin on your face.

The Rib Rides are seriously fast and exhilarating fun for everyone. Be aware that you will get bounced around and probably a bit wet at the same time.

These high speed boats allow you to see more at a quicker pace. Trips south down the Menai Strait to take in the bridges or even further don’t take long at all. Heading north you can go for a ride around Penmon lighthouse and Puffin Island. A great spot to see the seals and even Dolphins or Harbour Porpoise too at times.

The Seacoast Safari offers a more relaxing and less bumpy ride to see the seals and maybe Puffins. There is also a toilet on board should the need arise.

If you are in Beaumaris then you should definitely at Seacoast Safaris and Rib Rides to your list of things to do

Tried and tested!

You can find Seacoast Safaris at :

Beaumaris Pier, Beaumaris, LL58 8BS

For further information and bookings, please visit

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