Best Rockpools in Anglesey

If you are looking for the best rockpools in Anglesey then you are in the right place.

Rockpooling is a favourite beach pastime for all ages, its both fun and educational. Summertime is the perfect opportunity to get out and explore and Anglesey is a great destination for it. With its 130 miles of pristine coastline there are many locations for a mini adventure.

Penmon Rockpool

The great thing about Rockpooling in Anglesey is there is always somewhere to explore regardless of wind conditions. There are plenty of sheltered coves and bays and as the temperature rises so does the amount of species. We have been at times when we have been surrounded by literally hundreds if not thousands of fish.

Little mini species and also quite large fish such as Bass. Some of our favourite finds are Pipefish, Dogfish, Spider Crabs and baby Cuttlefish. The latter resembles a ghost from the pack-man game and a few even squirted ink at us!

Cable Bay

When searching out the best rockpools on Anglesey you need to factor in the tide times and heights. Certain areas may not be fully uncovered on some low tides, this is the only time you can get access to most if not all of them. Moreover when rockpooling you should always pay attention to the tides to avoid being cut off by the incoming sea.

If you follow the above there is tons of fun to be had exploring rockpools. Even if you don’t fancy getting wet you can still watch from the sides. In late summer time pools are chocked with Prawns and various other critters. If you don’t fancy clambering over any rocks there are other places to look. Check out the low lying remaining pools on sandy beaches. Ones with the odd rock with deeper water around it or another feature are usually best. Even if the pool looks empty there is likely critters around, often hiding under weeds. Slowly walking through the pools will result in Prawns and small camouflaged fish to reveal themselves as they move.

Part of the fun of rockpooling is getting out and exploring the area. Whether the pools you come across are near the high water line or the low there is always something to find. Generally speaking the lower down rockpools at times can have a larger mix of species These are at times where you may find much larger fish, crabs and possibly Lobster, trapped by the outgoing tide.

Finding out where is best and at what tide height we’ll leave upto you. Low tide is the key to finding the best Rockpools in Anglesey. Don’t worry, We won’t leave it it there. Below are a few of our favourite locations for finding rockpools on Anglesey.

Penmon Point – The area leading upto and around the lighthouse. Watch out for the slippy kelp covered rocks.

Porth Nobla and Porth Tyn Tywyn – the rocks separating these two beaches are great for finding Prawns.

Church Bay – plenty of smaller rock Pools and amenities close by.

Broad beach – Rhosneigr, plenty of parking a short distance away plus amenities.

Traeth Lligwy – follow the tide down on the right hand side of the beach

Trearddur Bay and Porth Dafarch – amazing beaches with rockpools

Last but far from least and our favourite area to explore (wasn’t sure if we should share this). The starting point of Ynys Feurig or otherwise known as starvation island. Here we have had the most amazing experiences with Rockpooling, its our number 1 spot we have found so far.

It’s a bit of a walk from Rhosneigr so quite a remote spot with no amenities close by. We will often snorkel here too a few hours before low tide. There are bound to be numerous other places to explore to find the best rockpools in Anglesey. But this is ours!

There are a few things to take with you to make your day more memorable. A camera or action camera, net and a clear bucket. Plus food and drinks as needed, it’s a decent little walk.

Below is a bit of video from a few years ago now on an old cheap action camera at Starvation island.

A more modern video from April 2021

Get out and explore!

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