Ynys Y Fydlyn

Ynys Y Fydlyn is a small rocky outcrop sheltering Traeth Fydlyn.

Due to its location Ynys Y Fydlyn is as remote as can be on Anglesey. Nestled away in the North West corner of Anglesey at the end of a secluded valley. Its location is perfect for views across to the Skerries, a small island with a lighthouse.

When you arrive at Fydlyn you will be amazed at just how beautiful the place is. The little island is tidal so to ramble on them, low tide is a must. There are also several small caves and a few rockpools to explore. Backing up the beach there is a small pond to explore too.

The rocky out crop is believed to have once housed an Iron age hillfort. There are still some signs of it around including the remaining parts of a stone hut circle.

There are only a few options if you fancy checking out Ynys Y Fydlyn. One is the Anglesey coastal path, the other a circular route. Both are easy to find as the coastal path is clearly marked all around the island. There is also a small car park a little under a mile away you can walk from. Grid reference for the car park is SH303914.

You will probably find it a lot quieter than other locations in Anglesey during peak holiday season. It’s a great little walk with amazing views over the sea at times, due to its location its often overlooked.

The closest post code is LL65 4EW, the Pengraig Campsite is also relatively close by.

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