Crigyll Beach

Traeth Crigyll is a vast expanse of sandy beach backed by sand dunes topped with Marram Grass. The beach is huge but 3 separately named beaches all together split by the Afon Crigyll to the east and Ynys Feurig further west. Cymyran to the east, Crigyll is central and Town beach in front of the town of Rhosneigr. Crigyll Beach is also dog friendly all year round too, its great for walks.

The rear of the beach up to the sand dunes is soft sand, ideal for setting up camp for the day ahead. Park up at Rhosneigr and make your way across, Crigyll is a little out of the way from the town centre and there are no facilities. The beach is quite long and shallow as the water comes in so is pretty safe for swimming. Bear in mind there are no lifeguard facilities on this set of beaches. There will also be lots of watersport activities if the weather is nice but its not obtrusive.

The image shows how big and long Crigyll beach is in summer with only a few people on it.
Vast expanse of Crigyll Beach

What makes Crigyll beach so special is its isolation. Less frequented than neighbouring beaches, it has the odd dog walker or maybe a horse or two walking the length. If you like having places to yourself this is the place to be. Rhosneigr town beach a little walk away which can become really busy during the summertime with tourists and locals alike.

The image shows Crigyll Beach taken from the top of the sand dunes to the rear in summertime
Crigyll Beach from the dunes

The beach is south westerly facing which means the majority of winds will be sweeping straight onshore into the beach. On hotter days this is welcomed but make sure you wear sun cream as you will burn quickly.
To the rear of the sand dunes is RAF Valley, there are regular flights during the week by Hawk jets trainers and visiting fighter jets. For some this is an added bonus, they are loud and low but for the most part the noise disappears into the background.

Crigyll is a mecca for watersports enthusiasts due to its south facing position which makes it perfect for windsurfers etc, Boats can be launched at Rhosneigr with locals offering launching help with their tractors for a price.

a picture of rockpools on Crigyll Beach to show where you can snorkel
Rockpools at low tide

The waters of Crigyll can be crystal clear if there have been no recent storms. Its possible to safely snorkel among the rock pools around the outcrop of Ynys Feurig. At lower states of the tides the rockpools are great for kids, they are full of crabs, Prawns, Sea Anemones and various species of fish. It is possible to see baby squid too! As the tide rises you can safely snorkel around the rocks and what were once the rock pools, Bass, Dogfish and other species come in as the depth rises. Please remember safety first if attempting snorkeling, never leave children unattended.

Sand dunes to the rear of the beach gives great views all round. Moreover they let allow you to watch the aircraft take off and land at Raf Valley during the week. Another cracking place to walk the dogs, just be aware of Adders in the area.

As far as beaches go on Anglesey Crigyll Beach is definitely a shining star. Get in on the action or sit back and relax the day away. Rhosneigr is close by with facilities and places to grab a bite to eat.  Not one to miss.

Closest toilets at Rhosneigr library car park. toilets with a 20p charge. LL64 5YJ

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