Snorkeling in Anglesey

If you are looking at visiting and snorkeling in Anglesey then believe me, you are in for a treat.

Anglesey has 130 miles of pristine coastline full of nooks, crannies and sheltered bays. All of which can be explored when following the Anglesey coastal path. It is a great way of finding interesting areas to pop on your snorkeling gear and explore.

When choosing Anglesey as a snorkeling destination you will be spoiled for choice. What makes it a great location to explore? Variety, whatever way the wind may blow on this fabulous island there is almost always a sheltered spot to try.

Moreover just like its diving locations offshore, the coast inshore is full of life. There really is nothing better than watching marine life going about its business. In fact some areas are absolutely stunning when the sun is shining. A gentle ripple on the surface can create sublime patterns like energy pulsing across the sea floor.

I’m talking from experience too, although I mainly snorkel across the South and West coast of Anglesey. Summer as you may expect is the best time to see what underwater Anglesey has on offer. At times there are literally thousands of fish fry as well as full grown and large species just yards from the shore. The list also includes Lobster and crabs too, especially when the Spider Crabs are around in numbers.

A few tips if you are new to snorkeling in Anglesey or anywhere in the UK really.

You maybe basking in glorious warm sunshine but when submerged in water it can soon get cold. The upper area of water, sometimes around two feet may feel warm at first but will soon cool you down. Any lower than this and the water is a lot colder, but don’t let that put you off.

Dress for the occasion! Shorty type neoprene wetsuits can be found in supermarkets in summer for around £10-£20. These aren’t perfect but can make a big difference in the time you can spend in the water. They will also help keep you warm when you get out, secondly they will stop you getting sunburn (covered areas only)

The best option is a full length wetsuit however these can be considerably more expensive. You will be more comfortable if spending a longer time in the water. Trust me, it can get addictive and you don’t want the cold to ruin your experience. Both shorty and full wetsuits will aid your buoyancy in the water too.

Whenever you get cold it’s always your extremities that feel it first. We tend to use cheaper shorty style wetsuits with neoprene socks or boots and occasionally gloves. These will help keep you warmer longer and also avoid cuts to feet and hands. Some stones / rocks and shells can be sharp so it’s a win win situation.

I personally use a full face snorkeling mask for great visibility and at times just float in a star position. It’s awesome for relaxing and watching what is going on around you. A full face mask is great for this reason but you will struggle to dive under if you fancy a closer look at anything. It’s effectively a big buoyant bubble of air around your face.

As with all watersports, when snorkeling in Anglesey or anywhere safety is paramount. Try to go out with someone else and take regular breaks where the mask is fully removed.

Have fun and stay safe.

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