Roman Fort Caer Gybi

The Roman Fort Caer Gybi is after it’s Welsh namesake (Caergybi) located in Holyhead on the western coast of Anglesey. Whats left of the fort are well in good condition and give parts of Hadrians wall a run for its money. Not in terms of size obviously but in your ability to see from the remains what was once there.

Location wise the Roman Fort Caer Gybi sits quite literally in the heart of Holyhead town. Its ancient walls make up the boundaries or various buildings in the area. You can literally walk out of Co-op and be in the grounds within minutes.

The Romans also had a lookout tower on nearby Holyhead Mountain buts it quite a walk from Caer Gybi. You can park at the Holyhead Breakwater nature reserve to get closer. Failing that parking on South Stack RSPB will put you closer too but walking from the opposite direction.

The Romans played a pivotal role in Angleseys long and varied history. The druids who lived here were one of the last people’s the Romans were yet to conquer. They did so ruthlessly too, killing men women and children. At the time of the legionarres arrival the rumours of the druids human sacrifices were rife. Rightly or wrongly.

If you decide to visit the site there is plenty of parking around it both free and pay and display. Moreover it is only a few minutes walk from Holyhead train station which is almost just across the road.

The closest parking when visiting the fort is HERE

The nearest toilets are on Beach Road behind the Maritime Museum and on the Breakwater Country Park LL65 1YG.

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