Lligwy Cromlech

Lligwy Cromlech is a Neolithic burial chamber dating back to around 5000BC. It sits on the North East coast of Anglesey, close to the village of Moelfre.

The site is very close to the remains of the Neolithic village known as Din Lligwy. Getting there is easy as it’s just off the road to Din Lligwy next to the Moelfre roundabout. Two great sites to visit within a short distance, history you can’t miss.

Lligwy Cromlech has a cap stone of around 24 tons! It amazes how in the ancient times they can move a stone of such size and weight and not dissimilar to Stone Henge. What knowledge did the druids have that we still don’t know about to move these massive stones.

As you head to Lligwy Cromlech from Moelfre, you will see a layby. Pull in here, there is enough room for a few cars. On the opposite side of the road you will see the gate. Walk through here and Lligwy Cromlech will be right in front of you. It’s not well signed at all so use the layby as a marker. Most of the rest of the road is single track so you shouldn’t miss it.

The site itself is fenced off to stop curious visitors damaging the site. Crawling underneath or climbing on top is a definite no no. Lligwy Cromlech was excavated and remains from two periods were found. Further more these were from both the Neolithic and Bronze age as well as the remains of up to 30 people.

History buff or not it’s something fascinating to check out. Couple it with a walk to Din Lligwy and you get two great sites in one hit.

If you use the postcode Moelfre LL72 8NH to help you find it.

The closest toilets are by the library and are open year round LL59 5AS.

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