Anglesey has a good size population of Otters spread around the island. However there are a few spots that will give you a higher chance of seeing them. Anglesey Otters like anywhere else are generally quite shy creatures and can be hard to find.

Now is one of the best times in modern history to see them. During the 1950’s pesticides used for farming devasted the Otter populations around the UK. As the rivers have become cleaner and less polluted the Otters have bounced back.

There is still a way to go but Otters are now spreading out their territory. Moreover they are increasingly being seen in areas they once inhabited across Wales.

Otters are crepuscular, meaning they are most active in the early morning and during late evening. They are carnivorous predators hunting mainly fish but also Crayfish and crustaceans if available.

Anglesey has a few areas where they are now thriving and where you are most likely to spot them. There are several habitats that are ideal for them to live and breed.

They can now be found on most of the main rivers in Anglesey. This seems especially so on the Cefni, Llyn Cefni particularly around Maltraeth.

If you intend visiting the area please stick to the speed limits to avoid accidents. Several Otters have been hit by cars as have red squirrels. We want there numbers going up not down.

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