Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcons are just one of the special bird species that call Anglesey home. These fantastic birds are amazing in every way, bold, beautiful and have a special skill.

The Peregrine Falcon is the king when it comes to speed, they are the fastest bird on the planet. Tucking their wings in they able to reach speeds of up to 240mph in a dive. 40mph faster than the second fastest bird on the speed list. It is also the largest Falcon in the UK reaching a wing span of 74cm – 120cm, which is quite a formidable size.

These fabulous birds of prey call Anglesey home year round, they nest in high structures whether man made or natural. We were lucky enough to see one diving down past us on the Britannia Bridge during summer.

A great place to try and spot one are the high sea cliffs of South Stack, an RSPB managed area. There is a Cafe, toilets and viewing area at the site too.

Parking charges have been recently introduced at the site but they are fairly reasonable. Not only home to the Peregrine Falcon but also rare choughs call the area home. In the summer months you can also see Puffins nesting on South Stack cliffs.

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