South Stack Lighthouse

South Stack lighthouse is based on the western edge of Holy Island, it takes its name from the cliff section it resides by “South Stack”.

Built in 1809 by Trinity House (official lighthouse authority for England and Wales and currently operated remotely) to protect shipping from the rocks around the cliffs it has stood the test of time. That’s no mean feat given the often turbulent and stormy waters off the west coast of Wales.

Today it is still in use as a lighthouse guiding ships across the coast of Anglesey, it is also run as a visitor attraction by South Stack Ynys Lawd Ltd under licence.

The 400 hundred steps down to the bottom is easy enough if going steady but coming back up is a bit of a challenge! The very last section is very steep to access the crossing causeway. The views heading down are fantastic, thousand of birds nest here in the spring and summer. If you a lucky you may spot the Puffins that breed here each year, beautiful birds. Keep your eye out for Lizards too as they can be seen darting about at times.

On arrival at the Island there is a attraction fee to be paid before entry. This gives you access to the paths on the Island and the Lighthouse itself. You can take a tour of the old engine rooms and finally make your way up to the top of the lighthouse. This elevated position lets you see 360 degress around the area, you will see just how many birds call this place home.

Hiding to the right of the picture

Parking is free on the RSPB car park where there is a large cafe, toilets and seating inside and out. The walk is a little strenuous so may not be for everyone, regardless there is lots to see with little effort so definitely give it a go. You will need plenty space for all your pictures!

You can find South Stack at South Stack Holyhead LL65 1YH

Further information on South Stack can be found at

The closest toilets are in the RSPB building by the main car park.

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