RAF Valley

RAF Valley is also known as Anglesey Airport though there are not many commercial flights. It opened as a Military base in February 1941.

RAF Valley

It is primarily and RAF training base, home to the RAF No.4 Training School that teaches recruits how to fly fast jets before they move up to the modern fighter aircraft. The current training jet is the Hawk T2 Advanced Trainer.It is perfectly located to teach maritime and mountain flight skills, on the coast and close to the mountains of Snowdonia. The base operates training flights from Monday to Friday, it is also a base for the military’s all weather search and rescue training operation. It has a workforce of over 1500 personnel year round.

Commercial flights currently only serve 1 destination which is Cardiff Airport with only 2 flights a day. There is no control tower operational at weekend so no flight apart from the search and rescue helicopter.

RAF valley often has visits by fighter aircraft from around the world and the UK’s own Eurofighter Typhoons can be seen at times. If you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of American F15’s.

There is a viewing area close to the entrance which is free to park a watch the planes to your hearts content. Over in Rhosneigr you can watch from the dunes which border the airbase or sit literally underneath the flight path. Great pictures can be had from all locations.

In summer the RAF usually hold a families day on the base (no civilian entry), this has an airshow element which can be seen from any of the viewing points. In fact you get much closer to the action as the aircraft pass overhead, great fun and very noisy.

Quiet with little happening at the weekends, definitely worth a look during the week.

You can find RAF Valley (Anglesey Airport) at Valley, Holyhead LL65 3NX

For further information on RAF Valley, please visit for spotting enthusiasts or

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  • Sylvia Sutton

    My mum was stationed at Valley during the 2nd WW. I believe she was a plotter. I would love to visit as it seems to have been an important time in her life. Once I get there, is there any information or museum to show how the RAF and particularly the WAAF would have lived during that time?


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