Anglesey Sea Salt

Halen Môn salt (Ty Halen) is located on the east coast of Anglesey. Sat on the banks of the Menai, its English name is Anglesey Sea Salt. It is one of a small group of products given protected name status in the UK.

a picture of the yard of Halen Mon, solar panels adorn the building. this  is part of the facility were Anglesey sea salt is made
Halen Mon yard

The Halen Mon brand is sold all over the world and is seen as a high end product. It is often used by Michelin star restaurants and tops chefs around the globe. It is costly to produce due to sustainable manufacturing methods and only the best quality products are mixed with the salts.

An external picture of Halen Mon in Anglesey, this where Anglesey sea salt is made
Halen Mon

Anglesey Sea Salt has its own purpose built visitors centre, moreover you are able to take guided tours. Likewise tours are given by trained guides and provide information on the history, as well as a sample tasting of the product.

The shop on site has plenty of niche products not just salt! Some items are rather upmarket and look fantastic. If you are inclined you can get a bit of local salt… it also comes in different flavors.

If you are in the area why not take a look and try a bit of special local salt. Its also right next door to the Anglesey Sea Zoo.

You can find Anglesey Sea Salt at Ty Halen, Brynsiencyn LL61 6TQ

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