Cwyfan Church

Cwyfan Church is often referred to as the Church in the sea. It is located just south of Anglesey Circuit and is accessed via the town of Aberffraw to the east.

Cwyfan Church sits in the middle of the tiny island known as Cribinau. Building work on the original church started during the 12th century and largely reconstructed in the 14th. Moreover the random positioning of the church is due to coastal erosion, the sea washing the land away around the church. It originally sat on the end of a peninsula with the land around it eroding over the years.

A local architect raised the funds to refurbish the church in 1893. The sea wall around Cwyfan to maintain the ground integrity as the graves began to fall into the sea. Cwyfan church itself was almost a ruin prior to the restoration work. Access at this time was by a small causeway that was cutoff on higher tides, the remains of which are still visible today.

There are several flat grave markers around Cwyfan dating back to the 1700’s and possibly older. Nature has taken it toll on the grave stones as some are now difficult to read.

A short walk at low tide across the beach will get you to the rocky causeway and up the steps. Keep your eye on the tide and you will be fine. The tide takes around 6 hours to go out then a further 6 hours to come back in.

Limited parking is available close by at the end of the lane above the beach. 10-12 cars can fit in at the side of the road if parked well. Get here early for a spot and face your car the way you came (helps get you out quicker as space is tight when the parking area is full). The road down is mostly single a track too with minimal passing points.

Cwyfan Church is a tranquil spot to reflect and take in your surroundings. Try parking and walking round the coastal path from Aberffraw village if its busy. There is usually plenty of spce here near the bridge. The scenery around Cwyfan really sets the tone and is great for photography. There is minimal light pollution in the area due its remote location. Moreover this it great for shots of the clear night sky when stars and the Milky Way are visible.

Its one place you must see another and another of Angleseys of hidden gems.

You can find Cwyfan Church at Ty Croes LL63 5YR

Closest toilets are on the car park behind the beach at Tyn Tywyn but they are not always open. Rhosneigr library car park does have public toilets with a 20p charge. LL64 5YJ

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