Stone Hut Circles

As it says on the tin! Holyhead’s famous but often under explored historic site the remains of the Stone Hut Circles.

Listening to me in the video doesn’t do it justice at all these are really old and it makes the mind wonder how the inhabitants used to live.

The stone Hut circles are really easy to find and are located on the road to South Stack. There is parking directly opposite the site. It amazes me how many people pass this ancient site on the way up to South Stack. Anglesey is littered with history and a lot of it is right in front of your eyes yet you may never even know.

There are several other ancient sites in the area from burial chambers to a Roman Lookout post just a short walk away. On the way to the site you may see the odd standing stone in fields, all of which were places there millennia ago.

It can be found by using the following post code. Holyhead LL65 1YH

Closet toilets are in the RSPB centre further up the road at South Stack

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