White Beach

White beach or Traeth Gwyn is located on the north east coast of Anglesey.

White beach is not your typical sandy beach and has a similar makeup to Penmon’s shelving pebbles. It does share the same North East section of the coast and it can be seen in the distance to the east.

Though the two areas have a similar type of beach the surrounding areas are very different indeed. White Beach is backed by steep cliffs, the top of which have outstanding views of the area. This high back gives amazing shelter from any southerly winds and can increase the temperature on warm days. From the parking are down to the beach the walk is along a dirt track with some great views along the way. The path may not be suitable for all as it is steep in places.

The water around White beach is relatively safe for some light paddling and due to its pebble makeup, it can be very clear at times. It is also a well known area for sea fishing with Mackerel being caught from the local rocks in summer.

Due to its location it is usually a quiet beach as the area very remote. Moreover getting to the beach involves either a long walk or being lucky enough to get a parking spot. Its best to get their early or late. The single track road down to the parking are is a tight fit. There are only 2 passing areas that are a large distance apart. Its definitely something to be aware of especially in the peak of holiday season or if you’re in a large vehicle.

Don’t let the access to the parking area. White Beach is an amazing place and is simply stunning on sunny days. Its far more peaceful, calmer and tranquil than some of the busier beaches on Anglesey in Summer. The landscape is great and you can take a stroll along the hilltops should you fancy it.

The closest toilets are on Llanddona Beach LL58 8UW, 15 March – 30 September only.

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