Private Beach

Known as private beach as it was, well, a private beach in the past. Moreover to others it is known as the secret beach at Penrhos. It is located on the edge of the Penrhos nature reserve, a beautiful beach in a fantastic location.

At high tide the beach is small, backed by soft white sands. To the rear of the beech are woodlands, home to the rare Red Squirrel. As the tide recedes the beach opens up into a vast expanse, exposing Rock pools which are always great for the kids. Moreover the dogs will love the flat sandy beach, there is literally tons of space for them to run around. From here you can also see the ferries as they come and go from Holyhead Port.

The closest nearby parking is on the Penrhos Coastal Park car park, its free too. There are toilets here and more often than not, a decent burger van. Also there is a great little cafe on the left before the main car park called the Toll House.

To get to the beach you have two options. At low tide you can follow the soft sand around the bay to find Private Beach. This way can be a bit wet and muddy sometimes so maybe is not the best option. Secondly but definitely the best way is to walk through the woodlands, theres always a chance of catching a glimpse of the rare red squirrels and other wildlife too. Moreover the is also a pet cemetery in the woods and a 13th century Notre close by.

To say Private Beach is known as the secret beach at Penrhos, its a busy coastal park with over 100,000 vistors per year. If you leave the woodland path it quite easy to find.

Definitely worth a visit, great for the kids and dogs too. A great beach with alot more going for it than the soft white sands, get out and explore it.

42 Stanley Avenue, Valley, Holyhead LL65 2JE

The closest toilets are on the car park and have been open every time we have been.

2 thoughts on “Private Beach

  • Hi mow long does it take to walk through the woodland to get to the private beach? Any further pointers to look out for to find it? Thanks!

    • Hi Kath, just head round the coast section of the path and you will find it, its a bit quicker through the wood. You will see a grassy hill if you head north and it is below that. Big old building on the side of it too.


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