How long does it take to walk around Anglesey?

How long does it take to walk around Anglesey is a good question. The islands stunning coastline and hidden secluded hideaways draw in visitors from around the UK and further afield.

Whether its the views you are chasing or just the challenge, it’s definitely a good one for the bucket list. This mini adventure is one I myself one day hope to fully complete.

At 130 miles the Anglssey coastal path is quite a distance to cover. The daily length of the path you are able to cover will all depend on each individuals fitness levels. This must be factored in whether you are looking to do this as part of a wider group or alone.

There is no definite answer as there are so many potential variables when planning your walk. I’ll cover some of these in more detail as several will require a bit of planning.

With a good fitness level you could do the Anglesey coastal path in 7 days. That’s 18.5 miles a day which is by no means an easy feat for the unprepared. The path is not just a flat walk either and involves many inclines and rougher sections. The weather will also play a large part in your ability to complete the path. More so if you are attempting to complete the walk over consecutive days. The weather can and does vary greatly at times from the forecasts.

Even if planning to walk the Anglesey coastal path over 8 days it is 16.25 miles per day. The happy medium for most will be somewhere inbetween 8 and 15 days. At 15 days, 8.6 miles per section must still be covered.

The 130 miles of the Anglesey coastal path is a long walk to complete. There are several ways which you may plan to complete it. Don’t forget, regardless of how many days it may take you there is the option to complete the walk over multiple visits. This will help free up time to enjoy other aspects of this fabulous island.

All ways of walking the Anglesey coastal path will need some form of plan, some far more than others. Planning a budget is also a good idea depending where you will be staying as you walk the path. Paying for accommodation in advance is usually cheaper and removes the risk of having nowhere to stay. That’s the last thing you need, however outside of the regular holiday times it’s probably possible. Not really something to you want to risk or even attempt during the summer holidays.

Having accommodation booked means you have made reasonable plans on daily travel distance based on fitness levels. Always have a backup plan incase of emergencies, a local taxi number is a good idea. Remember you will most likely be carrying all your clothing etc if attempting the Anglesey coastal path this way.

Moreover if you choose to camp in various places as you walk around the coast, you may have to carry your gear with you. This increase in weight may reduce to amount of miles you can cover per day.

There are various options when choosing to walk the Anglesey coastal path. Some you can do alone or with others, with or without car support.

The most challenging way to complete the coastal path will be over consecutive days. Whether you arrive by car or public transport its going to be a long hard slog. Choosing your start point and keeping to your walking plan is key. Carrying everything with you as you go will be hard but in the end the most satisfying option. Travelling as light as you can is key, more so if camping. If you have friends or family who would like to visit theres a far easier option. They can meet you at various locations on island and keep some of your gear in their car. Or far easier if they are staying at the same location as you each night.

The next option will take far longer and possibly several trips to the island if a visitor. You can simply break the sections of the coastal path into smaller pieces. If you have a good weather forecast you could get a good chunk completed this way. Simply plan your next section around your next trip to Anglesey.

The last option is by far the most laid back approach. I know I said the hardcore way is the most satisfying and for some it will be. However planning your way around Anglesey using circular routes will indeed be a lot slower. However, what better way of exploring larger chunks of the island with each walk. The is also no need to carry around several days or more worth of gear.

You may find more creative ways of exploring the coastal path or using a mixture of the ideas above. Either way or whichever way you decide to make it your own, just do it. It’s a great trip for the bucket list.

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