Best Anglesey Coastal walks

When it come to Anglesey coastal walks there is around a 124 miles of coastal path. It circumnavigates the entire island, how good is that! You will are literally spoiled for choice.

Bearing in mind you may have to get back to your car or accommodation, there are also numerous circular walks to take too.

Writing a million word article on all there is too explore would take a year or two, maybe longer. However, luckily for us there are already fantastic books and guides written on this exact subject.

Rather than just say HERE! Read these. I thought if you are looking for ideas then I would share a few of my own best Anglesey walks. Honestly, as I write this I know its going to be a difficult choice on where and why. Everyone has there own preference which may change on the day, just like the weather come to think of it.

Anglesey is a really diverse yet small island with so much to see. There are however a few areas I often find myself recommending to people who have never visited the island.

My best Anglesey coastal walk thats not to be missed is to Llanddwyn Island via Newborough. I’m sure it’s up high up on every person who has ever visited Angleseys list of favourite places. Spectacular views, history and wildlife all rolled in to one. This is definitely, without a doubt, one of the most scenic walks in the UK

It’s very hard to create a top ten list when there are so many jostling for the top spots!

Another of my favourite areas to get out exploring is Holyhead mountain and the Breakwater country park. This area has a mix of terrain but it’s major draw has to be the wildlife. During summer its possible to see Puffins, Seals, Dolphins, Adders, Lizards and more. Peregrine falcons can be seen in the area as well as the rare Chough.

A nice and usually quiet beach walk even in peak holiday season is Rhosneigr through to Crigyll and Cymyran beaches. I know Rhosneigr is busy in Summer but as you steadily leave it further behind you, people fade away too. Try early morning or late evening for a dose of seclusion. During the week you will hear the roar of engines as the RAF train their new pilots.

A little tip- to get away from the summer holiday crowds try exploring the North West Coast of Anglesey. The section of coastal path around Ynys-y-fydlyn is a great place to have a wander with amazing views. It is also part of a larger circular walk starting in Church Bay.

Below are some of the best books to help plan your walking trips around Anglesey.

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