Llanbadrig Church

Llanbadrig Church is a 5th Century building. Wideley known to have been built by St Patrick after he survived a ship wreck in the sea below the church. Moreover sits atop of the cliffs overlooking the Irish sea. The location is absolutely stunning with the Anglesey coastal path passing between the outer wall and the steep cliffs to the rear of the church. That’s 3 reasons to visit, all rolled into one great location.

A picture of the rear of Llanbadrig Church, taken from inside the cemetery grounds.
Llanbadrig Church

Llanbadrig is the Welsh name for the “Church of St Patrick. It is reputed to possibly be the oldest church site in Wales. Building started on the current stone structure in the 4th century. The Dalai Lama visited the church and its claimed he said “it is the most peaceful spot on earth”

A picture of Llanbadrig Church and Cemetery taken from a small hill overlooking the grounds
Llanbadrig Church Cemetery

The cemetery is on different levels of elevation following the contour of the hill with headstones dating to around the 17th century. Moreover several may date back further however the writing is unclear on some, the location next to the sea encourages corrosion. During renovations in 1884 workers came across the Ichthus Stone behind the old plaster inside the Llanbadrig Church.

The Ichthus has carvings with the symbol of the Palm tree and fish, like many other early christian artifacts. The stone is similar to the ones that are in the catacombs of Rome. Due to this people thought it came from abroad however the department of geology confirmed it’s originally from Anglesey. The construction of the stone occurred in the 10th century according the archaeologists

Limited parking is available at the front of the property with around 10 car spaces. Access is from the A5025 via a single track road with limited passing points. There is the Bay View Hotel and Restaurant at the start of the track. Ideal if you fancy a bite to eat or somewhere close to stay.

May and September between 10am and 12pm or 2pm to 4pm, there may be a church steward present. This will allow you to look round this fascinating little church, drop a little donation in the box (if you can) to help support with its up keep. Llanbadrig Church is well worth checking out as its another one of Anglesey’s hidden gems.

Tip – get there early to get a parking spot!

You can find Llanbadrig Church at Cemaes Bay LL67 0LH

The closest toilets are in Cemaes on the main road LL67 0HH or the beach car park LL67 0ND

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