Anglesey Stepping Stones

Anglesey Stepping stones is another of this great little island hidden gems. They are often referred to as the Giant’s Stepping Stones or the Rhuddgaer Stepping Stones.

The stepping stones are hidden away and are easy to miss unless you are walking the Anglesey Coastal Path. This means that the area is usually quite quiet when you visit.

The Anglesey Stepping Stones provides a bridge of sorts over the River, Afon Braint. It allows walkers to continue on the Anglesey coastal path. Afon Braint is a tidal river which means whenever you visit the area it may look different. During low tides the water is low and travelling down stream, as the tide rises the water flows upstream and it’s depth increases. If you are crossing the stones bear in mind they can be covered in water at high tide. No good if you are parked on the opposite side! You will have to wait for the tide to recede to cross again, high tides occur around every 12.5 hours.

The Giants Stepping Stones

28 stone blocks make up this impromtu river crossing and each one weighs a couple of tons. It’s one of Angleseys best man made structures, why is that? The scenery around the area is stunning with mountains to the east. Moreover the flowing river just adds to the general ambience of the area. As an adult close to my forties I couldn’t wait to try out the giant’s stepping stones. I was like a kid in a toy shop!

Speaking of children, I was fine crossing the stones but some of the gaps. However some may be a little wide for lone smaller children, they will love it anyway.

The Stepping stones are quite close the the Anglesey Model village. If you are visiting there you can use the car park. If not the closest park is on the free one at Llyn Rhos Ddu Google maps link.

If you see this you are in the right place

It’s around a mile or so walk from here, head back up the A4080 until you see the sign for the coastal path. Head down this lane, the walk is flat and pleasant enough. You will find the Anglesey Stepping stones at the end of the pathway.

The lane down to the stepping Stones

The exact location is HERE, click to link and Google maps will help you find them if you get lost.

The closest toilets are not public and are at the Anglesey Model Village why not call in for a brew.

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  • Susan Thomson

    If I left my car at the stepping stones and walked to the next point on the coastal walk would I be able to get a bus back to my car.


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