Penrhos Coastal Park

Penrhos coastal park is located just outside of Holyhead and has a bit of everything. The park is a jack of all trades but actually comes close to mastering them all. History, sea, and wildlife are blended into one fantastic park to visit. The park covers an area of around 200 acres too so there’s plenty of room.

First off there is ample parking and its free too which is an added bonus. Moreover its super easy to find as it’s just off the Cob. That’s the A5 Stanley Embankment which is the original road to Holy island before the A55 was built.

We were not sure where to start with this one as it has plenty of things to take in so here we go.

Red Squirrels

What’s not to love? There are enough of these rarer squirrels to makes the trip alone. You may see them as you walk through the wooded paths. Better still there are a few “feeding stations” where they have become used to getting easy food. The squirrels have become a little more used to people watching them. No sudden movements or barking dogs and they will happily let you watch them.

Walking and Cycling

Penrhos Coastal park is a great place for walking, jogging and Cycling. There are loads of paths around the site. Further more it’s part of the Anglesey coastal path and national cycle route 8 to Holyhead. At low tide there are sections of the beach which you can also use.

Private Beach

What a cracker, Private beach is also known as the hidden or secret beach. It can only be reached by walking through Penrhos Coastal Park. It’s backed soft sand and is quite extensive at low tide. Moreover the views are decent too with views of the breakwater and Anglesey. You may also spot the ferrys as they come and go from Holyhead Port.

Pet Cemetery

This one might not be for everyone but its in the woods and you will probably stumble upon it. It’s Penrhos most quirkier feature with some stones dating back to the 70’s. It’s definitely pretty enough with Bluebells growing among the stones and it’s still in use to date.


Sea anglers will target the fish that come in with the flowing tide. Some will use lures and fish around the Stanley Embankment others bottom fish. Different species caught in this area including more elusive Garfish and smoothhounds. This is as well as Bass, Dabs, Whiting and dogfish that are numerous in the area.

If your feeling peckish or fancy a drink there is a burger van on the carpark. You also have the option of a sit down meal at the cafe next to the entrance.

The address for the coastal park is:

42 Stanley Avenue, Valley, Holyhead LL65 2JE

There are toilets on the main car park.

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