The Dingle Nature Reserve

The Dingle woodland nature reserve is in Llangefni, the countytown of Anglesey. It’s not the biggest of areas but the wildlife is abundant and it’s home to our favourite Red Squirrels too. At just 25 acres in size it packs a far bigger punch than its size suggests.

If you are going to find fairies when visiting Anglesey, it will be in Nant Y Pandy (the Dingle)

Diversity is where the Dingle excels with its multiple habitats providing homes to all manor of animals. The river Cefni splits the Dingle in two as it runs through it. The flow of the river has created a deep sided gorge hence one of its Welsh names is Nant y Dilyw. This name literally translates to English as the Valley of the Deluge. The gorge that the Cefni flows through is a result of Ice Age glacial melt water.

Enough of the history lessons and on to what now makes the Dingle a great place to visit. The ancient woodlands, winding river and well maintained paths make this a fantastic outdoor area. Whether your out on your own, with the family or walking the dogs. It’s close to Llangefni with all the local facilities you may need but feels a world away.

The Dingle Nature reserve is home to an abundant amount of wildlife. Herons are regular visitors to the area and you will often find them hunting fish on the rivers edges. Red Squirrels are a special favourite among visitors to this wooded valley. Kingfishers, foxes, Woodpeckers and Bats all call the Dingle home. Keeping quiet at early morning and late evening and you may be lucky enough to see them. Moreover as the numbers of Otters increase across Anglesey you may even spot them visiting the Dingle. They are now living in areas further down the River so keep an eye out.

If the weather is not great for visiting coastal areas, the Dingle offers a pleasant walk and is much more sheltered. It’s well worth a visit whether you are in the area or not. Oriel Mon is close by too, it’s a contemporary museum and art gallery that is worth checking out.

Parking for the Dingle Nature reserve is available at the station yard car park, you can find it HERE. Don’t forget to grab your camera too so you can take your memories home to share.

As an after thought update – The Dingle is an amazing place to visit. The amount of wildlife still amazes me and the walkways give it an extra special feel. They really put you in the middle of this great habitat. The Cefni that flows through its centre has it mini waterfall and is full of trout and also Salmon.

If it means going out of your way to visit…do it

Closest toilets are in Llangefni and are open year round LL77 7RT

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