Sea Fishing Anglesey

Sea fishing Anglesey is fantastic, it offers literally some of the best sea fishing in the UK. With a 130 mile of pristine coastline there is something for everyone. Deep water rock fishing venues to storm beaches, day or night, Anglesey is home to a great abundance of fish species. Fantastic views wherever you decide to fish with a chance of seeing seals and Porpoises on a fairly regular basis.

All disciplines of sea fishing are catered for, moreover whatever the weather there is always a sheltered spot to avoid the wind. Whether you enjoy fishing on the bottom or enjoy a bit LRF, there are spots all over the island. Some are well know such as Mackerel Rock, Penmon Point and the famous Holyhead Breakwater reaching 1.7 miles into the sea. Others spots are closely guarded secrets, take a walk along the coastal path and you will find them dotted around.

Anglesey is also one of the few places around the UK that you can target Tope from the shore! Huss and various species of Ray, some big ones too can be found all around the island.

Congor Eel are also abundant around the rocky sections of Angleseys coastline. Moreover its great for targeting mini species including the colourful Corkwing Wrasse to the strange looking Scorpion fish.

If you fancy a trip out sea fishing in the depths there are several charter boats around the Island. Further out you can catch the bigger fish among the wrecks, shark fishing the Holyhead Deeps with fish upto 79lb! is very popular. Beaumaris, Holyhead and Amlwch have charter boats operating daily, weather dependent.

One thing is for sure, when sea fishing Anglesey it can always throw up a surprise or two. Spider crabs, Lobster and even Octopus are fairly regular shore catches in summer.

Check out for places you can fish and directions to get there. Its also covers other parts of North Wales and the North West.

What will you catch?

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      • Depending on where you wish to go on Anglesey it’s around 115 miles and around 2 hours driving time. It is well worth the trip especially if you get nice weather.


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