Red Squirrels

Anglesey is home to a healthy population of around 700 Red Squirrels, moreover there are ongoing efforts to increase this population. One of the hotspots to see the Red Squirrels is in the forested area of Newborough on the south east coast of Anglesey. The second hotspot is on the north east coast in the woodland at Pentraeth. They also frequent the wooded areas on the banks of the Menai along the east coast. In terms of population spread they are in most of Anglesey’s larger wooded areas.

The picture shows a Red Squirrel on a tree in Penrhos coastal park
Red Squirrel at Penrhos Coastal Park

Penrhos Coastal Park is another good place to view Red Squirrels, there are many pathways to take through the wooded sections. Some of these have feeding stations that serve a dual purpose. Both birds and the Squirrels use the feeders making them easier to spot. They are also more used to visitors walking around here and so are less skittish, makes getting a few picture easier too.

There are numerous paths through these stunningly beautiful areas. Some of these are also along the 125 miles of the Anglesey coastal path. If you are quiet enough you will see their bushy tail disappearing around the back of trees. Keeping dogs on leads will help you spot them as they are fast and have great senses. They will quickly hide if they see dogs coming, mostly lying on top of branches or staying still high in the trees.

The grey squirrel population is believed to have been eradicated from Anglesey, furthermore there have been no sighting since 2013. The neighboring county of Gwynedd is also undergoing its own cull of grey squirrels. The Menai and Britannia bridges help to keep the grey squirrels from recolonising the island. Grey Squirrels are not native to the British Isles. Moreover they are invasive species from North America, Grey Squirrels are much larger so can out compete the smaller reds. Likewise they also carry a virus they are immune to but is fatal to our native Red Squirrels.

In terms of wildlife Anglesey is a very diverse location given its relatively small Size. Red Squirrels are definitely one of the little Jewels in its crown, absolutely lovely little creatures. Get out and explore Anglesey today!

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