Church Island

Church Island is the home of St Tysilio’s church, the building and adjoining cemetery take up this 2.7 acre island. Somehow it feels smaller than its size suggests, its also surround by stunning scenery. Some of best on Anglesey. St Tysilio’s was built during the 15th century, its widely believed to be a replacement church for one pre dating this from around 640AD

Church Island itself sits just off Anglesey within the Menai Strait. Close to the Menai suspension bridge, it also has a great view of the Britannia Bridge too. It’s in a perfect location to get pictures of both while you are there.

Access to Church Island and of course St Tysilio’s church are by a causeway, connecting it to Anglesey with the sea on both sides at high tide. On crossing the causeway you enter through the gate into the cemetery grounds. You are greeted by an amazing looking Yew tree with gravestones to the rear.

Heading to the left will take you straight to the church. Right, there is a path for you follow and do a bit of exploring of the island. Take your time and you will see the rabbits scurrying around as they go about their business.

St Tysilio’s church is quite small, it has no electricity but services are still held on a regular basis. It is a popular venue for weddings and has featured on the tv show Cold Feet.

The inside of the St Tysilio’s is very quaint as expected of a church of this age. Small but steeped in history of times gone by. The surrounding cemetery has graves of various ages, a few with a nautical theme which is expected due to its location.

The island is not flat, there is a rocky section that also has graves on the top. This part of the island has the Cofgolofn commemorating all the lives lost in war. Moreover it is also a great place to take a few photos, particularly of the Britannia Bridge and the surrounding areas.

You can find Church Island at Menai Bridge, there is a pay and display car park near Waitrose. It does get busy during the summer months though. There is a path through the woodland from the carpark or follow the beach road down onto Belgian promenade. This is a great route with views of both the Menai and Britannia bridges. Moreover you can walk under the Menai Bridge from here, it’s awe inspiring when looking up.

Definitely one to check out while visiting the area. Anglesey is littered with hidden gems, this is one of them for so many reasons.

Parking be found next the Jade Village
Mona Rd, Menai Bridge LL59 5EA
(Pay and display)

The closest toilets are by the library and are open year round LL59 5AS.

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