Puffin Island Cruises

Puffin Island Cruises in Beaumaris offer two kinds of trips, Puffin Island Cruises, the Bridges or sea fishing trips.

The cruises are taken at a leisurely pace in comfortable boats which allow you to take in all the scenery the Menai has to offer. The boat will travel in either direction depending on what you want from the trip. Trip one is off towards the southern end of the Menai to take in the two bridges but mainly the Menai Suspension Bridge.

The image shows the puffin island kiosk at Beaumaris with the contact details on.
Puffin Island Cruises Kiosk

Designed in 1826 by Thomas Telford, it is a UNESCO world heritage site. The Meani suspension bridge is from local stone, shipped down from the quarry at Penmon. Before the bridge, cattle going to market had to swim across the Menaia low tide!

Trip 2 heads north towards Penmon and Puffin Island with the Great Orme visible in the distance. On the way up to Puffin you will pass the old Penmon Quarry which has now fallen into disrepair.

The pictureshows Penmon Quarry, you sail past in while on a puffin island cruise
Penmon Quarry

As you approach the open sea and Puffin Island there are many creatures to keep your eye out for. There is a seal colony that is on the Island year round, the crew will point these out and take you for a closer look.

Puffin Island, taken from aboard a puffin island cruise
Puffin Island

Puffin Island is also home to many different species of bird, however given its namesake. Puffins have been almost absent in recent years, but are now making a comeback. Rats made it onto the Island destroying the nesting birds young. These have since been removed and now hopefully Puffins will return in greater numbers. If you are doing a bit of travelling while on Anglesey, nip over to South Stack. Several breeding pair of Puffin live there in breeding season.

What is the Jewel in the crown when out sightseeing on the boats? There are the Dolphins or Harbour porpoise that frequent the area and of course Puffins. Seeing any of these make the trip outworth while. The Menai is abundant with aquatic life that the dolphins can feed on. If you ask at the ticket kiosk they will tell you if they have been seen during the day. Call in advance to book during summer as it is a busy attraction. If the weather is very poor they may not sail so always check first before setting off.

a picture  of Britannia bridge from the Meani, its one of the places puffin island cruises sail to
Britannia Bridge

If you fancy taking in both sides of the Menai, Puffin island cruises do an extended trip. This features both the trips combined into one cruise and its slightly cheaper than both separate too.

Puffin Island cruises shouldn’t be missed if visiting Beaumaris, grab your camera and get snapping! Probably the best few hours you can spend while visiting the area, you never know what you may see.

Don’t forget to book in advance. Especially in summer as you won’t want to be disappointed and miss out on this great attraction.

You can find Puffin Island Cruises at Beaumaris Pier, Beaumaris, Anglesey, North Wales LL58 8BS

For more information and the book your trip please visit

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