Anglesey Seals

Atlantic Grey Seals are a regular sight in the Irish Sea around Anglesey, moreover there are multiple little colonies around the island. The island provides the perfect habitat for them with an abundance of food. Rocky coves and secluded inlets and islands allow them to live and breed in relative piece.

Picture of two seals playing on the beach
Playful Seals

There are several hotspots around Anglesey where you can watch them as they laze around on the rocks and beaches. The Anglesey Coastal path will bring you into close proximity to where the seals live, they can be seen from any section the path in their search for food. Moreover Summer or winter they are on the island year round, they can literally popup at any time.

The seals generally start to give birth to their pups in September through to December. The pups are born fluffy and yellow like baby chickens! If you come across them do not touch or disturb them as they maybe abandoned by their mothers. Try to keep dogs on leads as well as maintaining your distance to avoid distressing them. They are great to watch as they congregate in vast numbers during the breeding season.

Several companies around Anglesey offer cruises, which allow you to see all manner of wildlife. The companies operating from Beaumaris have trips up to Puffin Island, a known hot spot and breeding ground for the seals.

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