Starida Fishing Trips

Starida fishing trips are based in the picturesque town of Beaumaris on the Menia Straits. Moreover the trips leave from Beaumaris pier which rises and falls with the tide allowing trips at both high and low. A modern little marvel, that it is.

The picture shows the kiosk where you must pay for Starida fishing trips
Starida Kiosk

The kiosk pic above shows there are various lengths of Starida sea fishing trips available. The two / three hour trips are quick fishing trips, so these are family oriented to allow you to try it out. All equipment hire and bait needed is included in the price for these trips. By the same token this allows you to just hop aboard and have a go with no worries. Likewise the skipper is more than helpful too, getting you setup and leaving you with nothing to worry about.

The picture shows a young boy while out on a Starida fishing trip, he has caught a small fish and is smiling
A happy little fisherman

These shorter trips take you up towards Puffin Island or further into the straits if the weather is poor. You can catch a wide range of different species in the Menai, from little fish to small sharks, Bass and Rays. All are a possibility on these trips. Moreover there is always a chance to see Seals or Dolphins too as they often visit the surrounding waters.

a picture of a man holding a large Bull Huss he has just caught on a Starida sea  fishing trip
Nice Bull Huss

Starida was in for servicing on one occasion so a small group of us went out on a smaller boat. The pictures are of the smaller boat, it was the owners son potting boat. We caught and that’s what counts and the skipper is always trying to get you on the fish. Whats more he was great fella too and had the whole group laughing.

A young boy aboard Starida2 being shown how to steer the boat during a Starida fishing trip
Taking the wheel

He even let the children aboard have a quick go of the boat, taking time to explain the instruments. It made it a far more interactive experience for them and not just a fishing trip. Tried and tested!

A great little trip for all the family because fishing and a boat ride all rolled in to one is great. You will see the same views and wildlife as you would on the cruises, whats not to like! It really is a great little trip, not too short or too long for younger children either.

young boy standing next to the fishing boat, he has both thumbs up and a smile on his face
I didn’t blank!

For the more avid fishermen you can hire equipment and bait (£6) or take your own aboard these longer trips. The 4-6 hours trips help enthusiasts indulge in their hobby whilst on holiday!

The 8-10 hours trips are for more experienced anglers and enthusiasts alike. Moreover they involve travelling out to known hots spots or indulging in a bit of wreck fishing. Reef fishing and deep water marks are accessible on these longer trips, allowing you to catch bigger fish species. Rod and Bait hire on these trips costs £12pp.

Sea fishing is great and will be well cared for on these trips. Try it and you might love it!

You can find Starida fishing trips at Beaumaris Pier, Beaumaris, Anglesey, North Wales LL58 8BS

To book your sea fishing trip aboard Starida, please visit

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