Anglesey Dolphins – there are two main types of Porpoise that regularly visit the islands coast. These are the Harbour Porpoise and the Bottlenose Dolphin.

Harbour Porpoise are true to their name, they stick to shallower waters closer to the shore. They prefer coolers water, often inhabiting harbours and outer estuary areas. These are the smallest porpoise in European waters, only reaching about up to around 1.5 metres in length. They do not breach from the sea on a regular basis like other species and often stay clear of boats. You will however spot them easily enough as their backs and small triangular dorsal fins clear the water.

Bottlenose Dolphins are very different from their Harbouse Porpoise cousins. They will often fully breach the water giving great displays. They are a very curious and intelligent mammals. Moreover they will often approach boats to check them and their occupants and will, when playful travel in the boats wake. The Bottlenose Dolphin grow up to around 4 metres in length and are identifiable by there more sickle shaped dorsal fin. The UK biggest pod of these dolphins lives to the south of Anglesey in Cardigan Bay.

As well as porpoise there are other marine animal that regularly visit the coasts of Anglesey such the Minke Whale, these can grow up to 10 metres in length. Though these are usually seen further out from shore by the boats.

Several species of turtle visit the coastline in search food like jellyfish in summer. Seals also have colonies around the island and are commonly seen around the coastal path. Oh and last but not least, two killer Whales were spotted off South Stack in June 2018, part of a pod that live around the Hebrides in Scotland.

What will you see?

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