Holyhead Breakwater

Holyhead Breakwater is located on Holy island which is part of Anglesey in Wales. The Breakwater is the longest in the UK, its 1.7 miles in length. The breakwater protects the harbour and the docking ferries from the prevailing westerly winds.

There are two paths along the Holyhead breakwater, the upper and lower. Moreover there are steps at sections should you wish the have a closer look at either. The upper section is solid stone and pretty much flat, there is no hand / safety rail on the inside along the entire length. The outer side has a wall for safety, the views out to sea are spectacular. You can see the Skerries in the distance and the ferries coming in and out of the bay. It also ideal for cycling and should speed up your journey to the end, its quite a wide path so has plenty of room.

The lower section is loose and compacted gravel it is still fine to walk and cycle on. It is also considerably wider than the upper path, again there is no fencing on the water side. Something to be aware of if you have younger children with you.

Holyhead Breakwater is also a Mecca for fisherman, there are loads of species, big and small. Charter boats also run from the marina, these go out fishing over the numerous wrecks and reefs in the area.

The walk back is just as stunning with great views of the sea front and in particular, Holyhead Mountain making a great backdrop.

If you take a look down the inward side of the breakwater during summer you can sometimes see fish. Moreover seals are often seen swimming in the marina.

There is ample free parking at the start of the breakwater as access to cars is no longer allowed.

It’s definitely worth the walk, exercise, fresh air a stunning views. Why not?

Holyhead Breakwater can be found here,


Holyhead LL65 1YF

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