Parys Mountain

Parys Mountain is an awesome open cast mine just outside Amlwch in Anglesey. Mined heavily for its copper ore deposits years ago, its now a magnificent place to visit while on Anglesey.

Operations began on Parys Mountain back during the Roman occupation. So it’s got a bit of mining history to it’s name.

One thing that strikes you as you walk around the numerous paths at Parys Mountain are the colours. The pastel shades of the various stone ore that litter the site are stunning to looks at. Not only does it add to the ambiance of the area. with the sea and greenery in the back ground. More over it is accented by the numerous colourful flowers dotted around the site. Absolutely fantastic for budding photographers to hone their skills.

We had a go…..

The numerous paths around the site are great for leisurely strolls and taking the dogs for a walk. Just be mindful not to let the dogs don’t drink from the ponds just incase. Pretty though they are they may contain hazardous material left by the mining process.

As you reach the higher parts of the mines the views over the surrounding area is amazing. You can see for miles around in most directions. On the peak of one hill are the remains of the former pumping windmill. This extracted the water from the lower reaches of the mine and supported the engine.

A decent sized car park is free to use for anyone visiting the site. Information boards start your journey onto the path around Parys Mountain. These contain detail of its past history, it’s wildlife and local fauna.

You can find the carpark for Parys Mountain by heading South from Amlwch on the A5111. The carpark is on the left as you head up the hill, you can’t miss the sign posts.

The closest toilets are in Amlwch, Lon Goch, LL68 9EQ. These are across from the Coop and are open year round.

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